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Neal is the latest in a long line of mass shooters with histories of domestic violence charges or allegations. He is also the latest to target children, according to people who keep track of mass killings. According to Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control advocacy groups, 1 in 4 victims of mass shootings is a child. One reason, they say, is that such attacks are often rooted in domestic violence, with attackers often victimizing their own children. But as these incidents grow deadlier, some observers say killing kids is just an easy way to up the shock value. Perpetrators seem to try to kill “with the highest impact, the most extreme form of violence and the biggest splash in their twisted way of looking at things, and one of those ways unfortunately is looking at children and looking at schools, because our children are there every day,” said Ken Trump, a school security consultant. Neal’s family said they worried for years about his mental state. His relatives had sought to get him treatment for what they believed was an apparent mental illness, according to his sister, Sheridan Orr. She described the tragedy of the past two days as her worst fear come to life. “If you could’ve seen him in those rages,” Orr, 46, said in a telephone interview.uggs australia “Anything was possible.” [The Texas church gunman left behind a life riddled with warning signs] Neal’s behavior escalated from a bad temper as a teenager to something more uncontrollable as he got older, Orr said. When he would call family members in a rage, upset about something, they would tell him that he needed to go to a mental health facility and that he needed medication. He would always refuse and he never received an official diagnosis, Orr said. “He never should have had guns and he should’ve been able to get mental health care,” she said. Their mother would break down and tell Orr that she didn’t know what else to do or how to help her son,ugg boots outlet whom she talked to every day, Orr said. “Her life’s work has been to try to get Kevin some help and to find a way for him to be happy,” Orr said. “He had a very erratic and uncontrollable temper that made it difficult to deal with him, and so it fragmented and fractured our family for many years.” Neal’s mother did not respond to messages seeking comment, and Orr said she was too upset to speak further about what happened. Neal’s mother had told the Associated Press that he called her Monday to say “it’s all over now” and that he was “fighting against everyone who lives in this area.” Orr said she had not seen Neal in a decade and last spoke with him months ago. But when they were together, she said, it was horrifying to watch him spiral out of control. Something as simple as using the washing machine while he was trying to sleep could set him off.,ugg boots outlet, @ugg boot protector 639 @uggs near me 526 @ugg boot wholesale 920 @ugg boots us sizes 113 @uggs near me 526