Company News

Pristina International Airport - Adem Jashari, Kosovo
Passenger Terminal Extension Phase 1 - Pier Block Extensions

TMA recently continues the design works of this project. Construction phase will start soon, most probably in Autumn 2023.
Pristina International Airport Upgrading Works, Kosovo
Phase II Runway Extension & RETs & Upgrading Navigation Equipment

Consultancy work on this project will continue until the construction is completed.
Ercan International Airport Upgrade – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Consultancy work on this project will continue until the construction is completed.
Kuwait International Airport - Infrastructure / Utilities Superposition and Coordination Studies

TMA have recently completed engineering and technical consultancy services for the infrastructure superposition and coordination studies of Kuwait International Airport for LIMAK Construction.
Bahrain USAF Base Projects

Two relatively small scale projects have been completed for USAF NSA-I Base in Bahrain. TMA performs Designer of Record (DOR) services during contsruction period.
Emergency Repair Drainage Works for a Fuel Tank, İncirlik USAF Air Base

Civil and stormwater drainage design for the repair of an existing fuel tank in İncirlik Air Base have been completed for Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC).
Fire/Crash Rescue Station, US Air Base, Incirlik

This design project has been completed and has entered the construction stage. TMA performs Designer of Record (DOR) services during construction period.
Libya Motorway Project

Due to civil uprising in Libya, the motorway project extending from Egyptian border to Tunisian border have been interrupted several times for extended periods. A couple of years ago, TMA completed detail design services for 400 km of the motorway (Lot 4). There are encouraging signs that the project will be resumed in the not so distant future fort he other lots.
Currently, Lot 4 section of the project (from Tunisian border to Misruata) is in tendering process.

During the Covid 19 pandemic period, we had worked remotely from home. Thanks to teleconferencing and VPN capabilities, the office use was minimized, without sacrificing efficiency and quality. Until the pandemic was brought under control, we believed this was the best way to proceed without risking the health of our staff. Now, we continue working in our offices. However, we gained the experience of working remotely during this period and we had lots of lessons learned.
New Prospects

Currently, we are waiting for the bid results of several projects from Türkiye and abroad.