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Engineering and Architectural Design

Engineering and Architectural designs for wide range of construction projects from Industrial Facilities to Infrastructure Plans; to Military Installations; to Roads and Motorways; to Feasibility Studies, to Seismic Strengthening Designs etc.
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Construction Management

Perform Quality Assurance Services; Review Construction Contractors Quality Control Procedures; Carry out Construction Supervision Services; Progress Tracking; Progress Payments etc.

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Value Engineering, Due Diligence

In Coordination with Client: Review Procedures; Vet Project Designs; Identify Problem Areas; Alert Owners against possible Problems; Develop Remedies etc.



A Multidisciplinary Engineering Firm

TMA, a Reliable Engineering Partner.

image TMA muhendislik ltd. is a multidisciplenary independent Turkish engineering firm founded in 1987. It has been successfully serving the local as well as the foreign construction industries. Since its foundation the firm has rendered services to a diverse group of Clients and has enjoyed repeat commissions from them. The firm's unwavering dedication to true professionalism and highest ethic principles has made it one of the leading engineering firms in Turkey. TMA prides itself for completion of projects on time within budget and technical excellence. Russia, Libya, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Kosova are among the countries where the firm undertook design and consultancy work.